golf generations

Automobil Forum, Volkswagen AG / Volkswagen

Generation Golf

light is shaping

Fraunhofer 2015

licht gestaltet – Fraunhofer

up! press campaign

info library and pr-tools for Volkswagen

dlx – up!

the beetle – urban drive

development of key visual and information media for the introduction of the new beetle for Volkswagen

big paper

large-format newspaper for journalists

GQ dinner night

Volkswagen AG, GQ

Deluxe GQ Dinner Night

visitor magazine NEWS

Automobil Forum, Volkswagen AG

besuchermagazin NEWS

GOLF pr-campaign

all about the new generation: in all launch phases

dlx – GOLF pr-kampagne

news, aktuell und nfc-invidualisiert

intelligent, individualized pr-tools for CES for Volkswagen

construction book

Volkswagen Automobilforum goes DRIVE

drive baubuch

Fraunhofer 2017 – Fraunhofer 2017

neuemeister concerts


neue meister brett dean

third landscape

DRIVE, volker kreidler

Deluxe Dritte Landschaft

digital press-kit 2.0

new generation pr-tools for Volkswagen

VW digital presskit

marketing award


Deluxe Marketing Award

neuemeister book

DKO / edelmusic / DRIVE

neue meister book

when machines dream..

Automobilforum, Volkswagen AG / Ars Electronica

new business class

communication tools for the introduction of the Passat for Volkswagen

VW Passat 8

client magazine UNIQUE

L’Oréal Professionelle Produkte