new business class

communication tools for the introduction of the Passat for Volkswagen

VW Passat 8

visitor magazine NEWS

Automobil Forum, Volkswagen AG

besuchermagazin NEWS

when machines dream..

Automobilforum, Volkswagen AG / Ars Electronica

Fraunhofer 2017 – Fraunhofer 2017

brand book

fascination and passion: lancia

Lancia Markenbuch

automotive history

Automobil Forum, Volkswagen AG/Volkswagen

dlx – Cabrio

third landscape

DRIVE, volker kreidler

Deluxe Dritte Landschaft

digital press-kit 2.0

new generation pr-tools for Volkswagen

VW digital presskit

neuemeister concerts


neue meister brett dean

neuemeister book

DKO / edelmusic / DRIVE

neue meister book

panoramic photography india

Automobil Forum, Volkswagen AG/Volkswagen Group India

dlx – India

golf generations

Automobil Forum, Volkswagen AG / Volkswagen

Generation Golf

up! press campaign

info library and pr-tools for Volkswagen

dlx – up!

company chronicle

decades of wirtschaftswunder and globalization: ferrostaal-buch

Ferrostaal book

display system

DRIVE, Volkswagen AG

Deluxe Ausstellungssystem Drive

ars electronica 2017

DRIVE, Volkswagen AG

Deluxe Ars Electronica 2017

neuemeister concerts

progressive animated visuals, DKO / edelmusic / DRIVE

light is shaping

Fraunhofer 2015

licht gestaltet – Fraunhofer

GOLF pr-campaign

all about the new generation: in all launch phases

dlx – GOLF pr-kampagne

festival night, berlinale 2015

BURDA, BMW, Technicolor

Deluxe Festival Night 2015

marketing award


Deluxe Marketing Award

news, aktuell und nfc-invidualisiert

intelligent, individualized pr-tools for CES for Volkswagen

the beetle – urban drive

development of key visual and information media for the introduction of the new beetle for Volkswagen


communication tools for the introduction of the Passat for Volkswagen

client magazine UNIQUE

L’Oréal Professionelle Produkte

neuemeister concerts

DKO / edelmusic / DRIVE

neue meister nigel kennedy


Automobil Forum, Volkswagen AG/Volkswagen; Armin Müller-Stahl


GQ dinner night

Volkswagen AG, GQ

Deluxe GQ Dinner Night

construction book

Volkswagen Automobilforum goes DRIVE

drive baubuch